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Chessability NYC offers private and group chess lessons to individuals and groups throughout New York City who are interested in improving their knowledge at a fast pace. Private lessons are a great opportunity to get specialized with one-on-one instructions provided by the professional chess player. The experienced instructor will analyze the game of the student and accelerate his learning speed.

The private lesson is an excellent way to learn, implement and achieve the desired result for the players who want to unleash their inner talent at fast. Getting a one to one chess classes with the experienced player can help you to advance quicker. A private chess class will give them access to someone who knows what he needs to learn and how to learn. The extensive instructions can help the players to know their area of strength and weakness and work on it as guided by us.

There is a large possibility that the student who takes one-on-one lessons excel at chess over the students who attend only chess clubs. Also, you don’t have to be a child to learn how to play chess. I can help you with some great chess coaching regardless of your age. A private chess instructor can custom tailor the course according to your way of playing.

Chessability NYC’s curriculum includes the list of chess skills that all the students need to master in order to reach the next level. We analyze the game of the player, understand their chess level and give proper instruction to overcome the weaknesses.

If you are interested in private chess lessons or group lessons in NYC feel free to get in touch with me through my email or directly at 917-913-0134.